As part of the PCGG’s 30th anniversary yearlong activities, the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) will start this year’s nationwide Good Governance Caravan to primarily raise public awareness and teach the lessons of martial law and of the EDSA People Power Revolution to the youth.

With the theme, “Remembering the lessons of the past as we journey the path towards Good Governance,” the caravan includes a conference to different universities from different parts of the country. Among the guests speakers invited by the PCGG to talk are historians, sociologists, martial law experts, and the Commission’s own officials, who will give first-hand stories on the Martial Law and the victims of human rights violations, the excesses of the Marcos family and their cronies, and also the efforts of the Commission to recover the ill-gotten wealth amassed by the family in the two decades of Marcos dictatorship. There will also be talks on the tasks of the PCGG, its accomplishments in the last thirty years, and its continuing quest to promote good governance.

In every forum, the PCGG will also set up an exhibit on martial law horror stories, photographs of selected pieces of the Hawaii Jewelry collection and some missing paintings of world renowned artists, aimed to remind the present generation of these excesses and extravagance and what these public funds could have been used for.

The Commission believes that it bears the responsibility of reminding Filipinos, especially the youth, of the real history and continuously recognizes the need to bring its message of good governance vis-à-vis the lessons of Martial Law to various academic institutions across the country.

The good governance caravan and exhibits, among other socially- relevant programs, are part of the annual activities of the Commission, intended to fulfil the Commission’s third mandate on measures to prevent corruption in government.

The PCGG will kick-off its pilot run of the caravan at the University of the Philippines-Visayas on April 14 with Commissioner Vicente L. Gengos, Jr. leading the Commission. The exhibit in the University will run from April 11 – 15 and will be carried over to other universities such as the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila, among others.

The PCGG aspires that such caravans and exhibits will to enlighten the post-EDSA generation of the relevance of the Commission’s work and the responsibility of every citizen in learning the lessons of our history, combating corruption and contributing to good governance.