Asset Management Department

The Asset Management Department (AMD) is primarily tasked with the monitoring of sequestered assets and the preservation of assets that have been placed under the custody and control of PCGG, or with PCGG nominee-directors/comptrollers, in order to prevent the dissipation, concealment and disposition of these assets until final determination of their lawful ownership by the courts.

       Director : Mark J. Abelon (Sequestered Assets)

      Tel. No.:  8721-2849

      Director : Romulo A. Siazon (Surrendered Assets)

      Telefax No.: 8725-7134



Finance and Administration Department

The Finance and Administration Department (FAD) provides the Commission administrative and financial management support services such as personnel and property management, accounting, budgeting and cashiering.

Director:  Stephen P. Tanchuling

Tel. No.: 8725-6895


Legal Department

The Legal Department (LD) provides legal services to the Commission particularly the prosecution of all ill-gotten wealth cases filed against Marcoses, his immediate family, relatives, subordinates and associates for Reversion, Reconveyance, Accounting and Damages. It recommends to the Commission the action/s to be taken on behest loan, deficiency claims and other legal cases.

        Director : (OIC) Atty. Mivez Anne I. Pawid

 Tel. No.: 8725-6967


Research and Development Department

The Research and Development Department (RDD) identifies the ill-gotten assets of the Marcoses and their business associates that are located in the Philippines and abroad. It assists the Legal Department in the preparation,. case build-up, prosecution, litigation of civil and criminal cases for the recovery of the assets. It is the central repository of all financial and evidentiary records of the Commission which are maintained in a database. It conducts financial analysis and evaluation of documentary evidences.

In addition to its regular function, it is now assisting the Legal Department in the behest loans cases.

Director:  John Sherwin S. Jao

Tel. No.: 8725-6973