Position Title               :           SUPERVISING ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER
Annual Salary              :          P 820, 980.00                        Salary Grade   22

Function/Duties Responsibilities:
1. Assists the Division Chief in the formulation of plans, activities and projects for the efficient administration of various assets and properties under sequestration and/or litigation.
2. Prepares a schedule for the conduct of periodic ocular inspection and physical inventory of properties under sequestration and/or litigation.
3. Monitors and prepares a schedule for the appraisal of the aforesaid properties, in coordination with the in-house appraisers, in accordance with the existing appraisal policy manuals.
4. Assists in updating the valuation of sequestered corporations and shares of stock in coordination with the Financial Studies and Investigation Division under the Research and Development Department.
5. Monitors the status of ownership of sequestered real properties through regular updating of their certificates of title in coordination with the Registry of Deeds/Land Registration Authority.
6. Assists in updating the corporate documents (i.e. General Information Sheet, Articles of Incorporation, Financial Statement, etc.) involving sequestered corporations/shares of stock.
7. Assists in verifying the correctness and timeliness of updates in the assets management information systems.
8.Performs other related tasks as may be required/assigned by the immediate superior from time to time.

Job Qualification Standards/Requirements:

Training         :       16 HOURS OF RELEVANT TRAINING

Experience     :      3 YEAR OF OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE
Eligibility        :      CAREER SERVICE (PROFESSIONAL)


Number of Vacancy/ies :        One  (1 )
1. Plantilla Item No.       :       PCGG-DOJB-SADOF 5-2004
Place of Assignment      :       Asset Management Division, AMD

Interested and qualified applicants are advised to signify their interest in writing. Submit/send the following documents through courier or email not later than SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 :

  1. Application letter addressed to : Ms. EDITHA R. BAUTISTA, Officer-In-Charge, HRDD
  2. Email Address / Tel. No.        :           hrdd@pcgg.gov.ph/8725-6983
  3. Fully/properly accomplished Personal Data Sheet with attached Work Experience Sheet
  4. Performance rating in the last rating period ( if applicable)
  5. Photocopy of diploma and/or certificate of graduation
  6. Photocopy of authenticated copy of certificate of eligibility/bar or board rating/license
  7. Photocopy of certificate of training/seminars attended

Original documents must be on hand and ready once requested